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RealStars at a preview of “The Price of Sex”

Yesterday, Tuesday, the documentary The Price of Sex was shown at Parken in central Gothenburg. Doc Lounge Gothenburg and Amnesty organized the event. RealStars made a presentation of our work and answered questions about trafficking after the film. The Price of Sex took almost 10 years to film and produce for American-Bulgarian Mimi Chakarova. While… Read more »

Thank you all! Hyrflickvän has successfully reached out – an injection to stop sexual exploitation in Sweden

It has probably not escaped anyone that Realstars and Child10 foundation during October and November have driven a campaign against sex purchases under the name Hyrflickvän (Rent a girlfirend). It was launched on the 13th of October and was set up as a fake sugar dating website which we spread through sponsored ads and flyers… Read more »

RealStars is growing and mobilizing for Fair sex against trafficking 2017

RealStars is looking back at a year full of action where we take many challenges in society. We give impression in schools, among companies, and on EU – level. We are taking new efforts 2017 in order to get more people to join us for a Europé free from trafficking. 2016, a year with overtrow and a great… Read more »

Survey of the Swedish Sex-purchase market on the Internet: Part 2

The most common way to buy sex today is through the internet. Most people have access to a computer, which means that anyone can buy sex at anytime. Everywhere in the world sex purchases are carried out and the contact is established on the internet. But how is the sex purchase really carried out on… Read more »

What’s your price – another ´grey zone behaviour´?

Before we visited RealStars’ web page, we hadn’t encountered Miss Travels promotion video. When we first saw it, we felt that something wasn’t right. It’s like RealStars’ video response states: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When looking for similar behaviors we found the dating site What’s Your Price which… Read more »

RealStars at Doc Lounge Stockholm

RealStars visited Doc Lounge at DebaserMeidisi in Stockholm last Tuesday. There was a screening of the film The Price of Sex and a discussion during the evening. RealStars talked about our work and mingled with the visitors after the screening. The documentary The Price of Sex, made by Mimi Chakarova, is a poignant depiction of… Read more »