RealStars ger en bok till tio första som tecknar medlemskap den 23 maj!

SEE ME NOT COVERwebbI samband med årsmötet den 23 maj, kommer RealStars i samarbete med författaren Réal Laplaine ge romanen See Me Not till de tio första som tecknar medlemskap i RealStars. Boken handlar om en 12-årig flicka och en amerikansk student som bestämmer sig för att rädda henne från prostitution och trafficking.

Om boken: Twelve-year old Hann’sha has been trapped in the human-trafficking net since she was eight years of age, when her father sold her away for a few dollars. Every day since then she has been forced into sexual servitude to men, both young and old, while being guarded like an animal with no hope of ever escaping her traffickers – not until her value expires and death frees her. One day a college student, who is vacationing in Calcutta, is taken unknowingly to a brothel by an acquaintance, where he finds himself suddenly standing in a dark room facing a young girl – a mere child. Shocked by what he discovers the man tries to expose the sordid affair to local police who merely turn a blind eye. He decides to free her and concocts a daring plan and with the help of one police officer who empathizes with the fate of these girls, they go up against a lethal criminal underground. Shocking as it is, this literary fiction eloquently presents the true reality of a modern day billion dollar industry which holds hundreds of thousands of young children, women and men in slavery.  

Boken är skriven på engelska. Läs Malin Roux Johanssons intervju med författaren här.

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