Three questions for Tove Lifvendahl

Three new questions for Tove Lifvendahl who is a social debater, writer and a member of SVT’s news-board. She is currently on parental leave from her duties as chief of communications at The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

1. What makes you happy?
Many thing and I allow myself happiness for different things; my husband and two children – the children are an unending source of pure happiness – spending time with good friends, meeting and having conversations with other people, the nature, travelling, beautiful things and good food, succeeding with something you planned to do, good books, film and music, flowers, presents, writing, photographing, building things and baking… To name a few.

2. What would you do to make the world a better place?
I think the values I have belong in a good society and I work to make changes in that direction through my work and as a writer and opinion-maker. I go to work feeling that the mission is to make the world, at least a small part of it better. It’s very important for me to add that motivation to my work. If I were all-powerful for a day I would probably do like the old folk-tale and let people change jobs and lives for a day. Understanding other people’s realities is crucial in making the world a nice place to live.

3. What challenges can you see to overcome trafficking and other terms for unfair sex?
I think both the political and social society are important. We need to be able to discuss resources with the justice and police, in order to curb and control crime. But it’s not enough – it’s also about finding smart ways to work towards changing attitudes – even mildly equal cultures are part of the mean. There is always an emphasis in an issue which you could try to shift towards the direction you want. The penalty for assault should be so severe that it actually discourages. I also want to say that if there was a simple solution we would already have gone through with it. It takes time – and it’s a never ending job.