Joint campaign against trafficking prior to October the 18th

On October the 18th it is the EU:s anti-trafficking day, and naturally RealStars, together with the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars, want to give attention to this important happening and stand united against organized crime. 

The winning concept has been ongoing for several years, but we are now mustering for the biggest campaign yet, since the Swedish Sex Purchase Act is turning 20 years, which is worth celebrating. The Sex Purchase Act is a powerful tool in the battle against sexual exploitation, since it breaks the profitability and shields the most vulnerable.

Two ways to contribute: 

  • Participate in an exciting campaign with innovative coasters and table talkers that are placed in your facilities in connection to the anti- trafficking day (see example in pictures below). 
  • Collect money in order to spread the message even more and contribute to the preventive work. Preferably by involving your guests and co-workers and make creative solutions, for example giving tips against trafficking, or having a collection box. 

Many hotels, cafés and pubs have gotten engaged, and stand behind the message of the campaign: We don´t welcome human trafficking and We don´t serve sex buyers. We have printed a limited number of coasters and table speakers for the campaign so hurry to reserve them.

This is a win win for everyone: 

  • A prominent social commitment and standpoint
  • Strengthens your brand by profiling in a highly relevant and vital matter 
  • Exposure and attention through our social media channels and website 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @realstars_eu and tag us in your pictures so that we can show that there are a lot of us who stand together under #forfair6 and #againsttrafficking.

Last year we had around forty industry participants that joined the campaign, and our message reached out to thousands of people. With your help, it can be even more this year.

Do you want to join? Contact, or reach out through our social media channels.