Creativity was flowing on Ingrid Segerstedts Gymnasium

2014-11-18 15.32.20

Last Tuesday, we spend a full day at the Ingrid Segerstedts Gymnasium in Gothenburg. The school hosted a culture day and it was boiling with creativity throughout the day. We had a total of three different gatherings that began with a joint lecture on trafficking, prostitution and how we together can make a difference –… Read more »

More students create for Realstars

Hello There, I’m Joakim Eklund; senior Storyteller and also immensely proud board members of RealStars. The last 18 years I have worked with digital games for marketing, training, entertainment and social change. The last 5 years at of which I’m one of the founders. In parallel to my daily work at Hello There I… Read more »

“Together we can change gender norms in an early age”

“Thank you for coming. I just don’t understand why we were the only ones allowed to listen, the whole school should have been here.” The last two weeks, RealStars have visited schools in Trollhättan, Skövde, Tibro and Göteborg. Our visits have been very busy and we have learned a lot. At Västerhöjds gymnasium in Skövde,… Read more »

There are REALSTARS in every classroom


This week, RealStars visited Nacka gymnasium and the International English Gymnasium in Södermalm. At Nacka gymnasium, a lecture was given for a class that studies Hotel and Tourism. The following discussions were therefore focused on RealStars work within the hotel sector; how hotels can work together and how the travelling industry can play an active… Read more »

Upper secondary school classes creates against sex-trafficking

Stillerska gymnasiet

Today, RealStars met a class of film and acting students at the Stillerska Upper Secondary School in Stockholm. The lecture provoked many thoughts and this was also what ignited the students’ advertising project for Es14.The adverts will be presented as a part of RealStars project called Creativity for Fair Sex in which we encourage young… Read more »

Sweden does not protect children who are abused by prostitution


The Swedish series of documentaries called Kalla Fakta (Cold Facts) aired a program on November 4 in which they examined the prostitution of children in Sweden. The Swedish model and the legislation that bans the purchase of sexual services has been a role model for many countries. However, in the program many deficiencies where identified… Read more »

Fair Sex T-shirt and bracelets at Guapa

armband 2

RealStars uses fashion to spread the message: Fair Sex. We are now pleased to announce that our Fair Sex T-shirts and bracelets can be found in the Guapa store on Karl Gustavgatan 15 in central Gothenburg. In addition to our Fair Sex T-Shirt, you will find a wide variety of unique, cool clothes. Suitable for… Read more »

Imagine if it was your mother, sister or cousin being assaulted. What would you have done then?

Blogginlägg 14-11-04

Trafficking is a violation that is performed by ordinary people. It is devastating to hear that 8% of all men in Sweden have contributed to this figure, by paying for sex. It is shameful, disgusting and absurd for these actions to proceed, and to miss out the larger problem. To be so incompetent and uncomprehending… Read more »

Civil society contact with victims of human trafficking

RealStars is participating in the initiative Plattformen Civila Sverige mot människohandel (Swedish civil society platform against human trafficking) which has brought together several Swedish organisation in one informal network. In preparation for the upcoming EU Anti-trafficking Day 18 October, an important project was presented and for the first time revealing statistics on civil society contact… Read more »