“Thank you so much for visiting us, it was very informative”

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Today is the last of four days we have spent at Alströmergymnasiet (Alströmer high school) in Alingsås. Our days have been filled with discussions, creative work and interaction with very interested and engaged students. We have met 250 students in total and discussed subjects such as human trafficking in Europe, organised crime in the global… Read more »


Alma till höger

This is the story about Alma from the Philippines. In 1984, Alma lived under the name “Pearly” in Olongapo City which was a flourishing American military base. There she worked as a waitress when one day an American soldier started to take interest in her. The soldier talked to the bar manager about paying for… Read more »

Students at Borgarskolan in Gaevle discuss how the hotel industry, tourism industry, and trafficking are interrelated


On Wednesday the 14th of January, RealStars visited Borgarskolan in Gaevle. The students there are awesome, and study hotel- and tourism management. During our workshop, the students discussed how the hotel industry, the tourism industry, and trafficking are interrelated. They wrote the discussion outcomes down on posters, and also proposed suggestions on how the different… Read more »

SPACE International – an organisation established for and by survivors of prostitution

Rachel Moran (bild hämtad från SPACE International)

SPACE International (Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment) was founded by a group of sex trafficking survivors. They are now working to end global human trafficking once and for all. The goal of the organisation is to inform the public about the violence and abuse that always come with prostitution, but also to advocate to governments… Read more »

Lithuania approves resolution that criminalises sex purchase


December 16 2014, the Lithuanian parliament approved a resolution that paves the way for a total criminalisation of sex purchase. This is extremely happy news and will most likely have profound impact on the fight against trafficking and human rights abuse. It is not the first time this resolution has been discussed in the parliament…. Read more »

Young people in Vaestra Goetaland are discussing trafficking, prostitution, and sexual violations

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During our school visits, we have had a lot of interesting discussions and value exercises with the young people that we meet. We discuss trafficking, prostitution, sexual harassment, what Fair Sex means, and everything there in between. Everything under the sun regarding these questions are discussed. The young people are always eager to discuss, and… Read more »