Milvea – “clothes that make a difference”

RealStars has interviewed Mikael Lestander who is the founder of the social enterprise Mileva which aims to give new hope for women who have been subjected to trafficking. What is Milvea? Mileva is a social enterprise aiming to provide a better life for women who have been subjected to trafficking and prostitution. We are managing… Read more »

EU Parliament Vote: FEMM report on prostitution.

This week, the European Parliament will cast their vote on demanding that EU member states consider criminalizing sex purchases. This comes after a report by Mary Honeyball (Great Britain), Honeyball is a member of FEMM (Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality). RealStars has tried to influence Swedish parliamentarians to vote for Honeyball’s proposal. This… Read more »

Workshops at Västerhöjds in Skövde


Realstars was the 14th of January at Västerhöjds highschool in Skövde and held a number of workshops with our web-based learning material. Fair Sex: Nätverket. The classes were very focused when they went through it and the general opinion was that it was interesting and raised several important issues. Ida and Bella, first-year students attending… Read more »

Om den franska sexköpslagen som straffar köparen


I slutet av november röstade det franska parlamentet om en ny lag som kriminaliserar köp av sexuella tjänster.
 Omröstningen är resultat av ett långt arbete som började för mer än 10 år sedan då Frankrike initierade en grundläggande utredning av prostitutionen. Rapporten som blev klar 2011 poängterade det ansvar som köparna bär i det förtryck… Read more »

”A non-profit organization that really wants to make a difference”

Real Stars produktfoto T-shirt

Realstars want to promote various partners who have chosen to support Realstars. Anna Sigvardsson is a photographer working in Gothenburg who shows her corporate responsibility by supporting Realstars. She explains why: ”I think the most important thing about RealStars is that they really try to make a difference in society, both by making people aware… Read more »

Exhibition For Fair Sex

Marta Bariagaber Drottning Blankas Gymnasium 2

It’s time for our exciting exhibition with works of art made by young Gothenburg artists who have created items for Fair Sex, and a world free from trafficking. Opening ceremonies with live performances, YokoDJs, music, recitals and coffee, etc. Time: December 11, 18:00 – 21.30 Location: 1200 Kvadrat at Frölunda Torg You will also get… Read more »