The gender norms of Paradise Hotel

The winner of the controversial reality show Paradise Hotel was recently crowned. The show has received a lot of attention in social media, and throughout the show the participants have personified stereotypical gender roles. In fact, the participants have to a great extent mirrored today’s dominant gender roles, attributes and expected behaviour. Norms and values… Read more »

Human Rights Day: EU decision-makers get the uprising against trafficking


In conjunction with the Human Rights Day, December 10th, RealStars is paying attention to the slave trade in Europe and wants the uprising of tightening the law to stop trafficking, reach the EU’s decision-makers. Thousands of signatures have been collected throughout the year during our campaigns. The EU must make it a reality to protect… Read more »

Pictures from our school visits

2014-11-18 13.01.51-1

A picture says more than a thousand words, as the saying goes. To see specific works that students have done, stay updated on Creativity for Fair Sex.  Are you a teacher or a student and want that Real Stars visit your school in 2015? Do not hesitate to contact any of our process managers Anna Lindeborg,… Read more »

RealStars evokes engagement in classrooms


In collaboration with RealStars, performing students attending the Aesthetic Communication 2 course at the Media School, have created personal digital stories around the theme of borders and boundaries. The project began with RealStars giving a lecture and workshop on trafficking and Fair Sex, and on this basis, work began on the digital stories. “Digital Story”… Read more »

Fundraising days in Nordstan


  Realstars attended the Fundraising Days 24-26 November in Nordstan.  The Fundraising Days is a brand-new event aiming at emphasizing the importance of fundraising to benefit vulnerable people; both locally and globally.  This turned out to be a very successful and profitable initiative giving us the opportunity to meet other organizations and lots of curious… Read more »