Whores’ Glory at the film festival

RealStars keeps checking out films dealing with the subjects human trade, prostitution or Fair Sex at Gothenburg’s film festival. Monday night they showed the documentary Whores’ Glory at Chalmers.

Whores’ Glory
is a well made, instructive, difficult and depressing film about prostitution in three different countries: Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. There is no narrator, instead you “find yourself” at three different brothels, all three are horrible in their own way.
To me it’s a riddle as to how they managed to get inside and film everything. Many of the prostitutes have their say and some buyers do too. The locations are filmed thoroughly and skillfully.

It’s interesting to see how the theme of prostitution is consistent in all surroundings and at the same time each culture makes their own mark on this phenomenon.
Dogs and other animals appear occasionally and it’s easy to see the parable of the bestial situations in the brothels.

/Robert Schenck, Nätverket mot Trafficking (The Network Against Trafficking)

Länk till Whores’ Glory på Göteborgs internationella filmfestival