Do you want to help us spread the Fair Sex – message in schools?

RealStars is now starting an investment on informers in order to reach
out to even more schools in our project, Fair Sex – schools!

Trafficking, that could be called the slavery of our time, happens all
over the world. During these latest decades it has increased and every
country is affected in different ways by trafficking. Because of that,
we are working with the positive message of Fair Sex which means that
sex shall be on equal terms and respect, without violence and force.
In order to make a change it is neccesary to work active for
information, spread knowledge and punch holes to the myths about sex
trafficking. RealStars regularly holds lectures about trafficking and
has workshops with the theme of Fair Sex and we want your help with
this! In addition to contributing to increased knowledge, awareness
and involving young people in the work for freedom and human rights
you also learn yourself to hold lectures and workshops.

As an informer for RealStars you will after an education go out in
high schools and hold lectures and workshops on the theme of Fair Sex
– sex on equal terms. Does this sound like something you’re interested
in? Send an email to!