Reality can be heard in the silence

To have the possibility to help others and to write in this blog is wonderful. It warms my heart when I think of how people help others, to make change and to create a world where everyone lives safely and on equal terms.

My name is Mimmi Larsson.

I have never been part of something as noble as RealStars. It makes me humble.

I have never been the victim of any sexual assaults and for that I am thankful. I wish everyone could say the same. It is difficult to imagine how many millions suffer every day because of sexual assault and how it affects them. The thought itself is frightening and hard to grasp. For a long time I have refused to think about it as the subject is hard to cope with and the world where prostitution and abuse happens is so far from my reality. The thought that someone in my vicinity, my neighbors, people at the local restaurant, colleagues at work could be the victim of an assault, is terrible and is sadly enough more of a rule than exception in our society.

Now I don’t refuse to think about it anymore, today I choose to do something. Something for the million people whose liberty and free will is violated everyday in silence.

Hugs/ Mimmi