Welcome to a workshop about digital media with an external communicator

Social media – for Fair Sex and against trafficking!

RealStars are hosting a valuable workshop in digital marketing, for those of you who enjoy social media and are curious on how to use social media together with us in order to contribute to a better world. You will also get an introduction about the ways RealStars work against trafficking. Whether you are an experienced and skilful user of social media, or interested in learning about the ways social media can influence society, you are welcome to join.

You will meet voluntary coordinator Sudeshna Chowdhury and workshop leader Patricia Mellin. Patricia is a communicator, photographer and expert in social media and she will be sharing her experiences with you during the workshop.

This meeting is an excellent opportunity if you are interested in developing skills within social media while simultaneously taking responsibility in a large and important social issue!

We have a few spots left, so hurry up and apply! Register by emailing sudeshna@realstars.eu no later than 23th of April.

Time and date: 24th of May, 1.30 PM – 4.30 PM
Location: The Castle, Slottsbacken 8, Room: Isfahan