There is a second hell waiting outside the brothel

Because of the escape of the three American kidnapping victims, Katrin Kielos writes in Aftonbladet of the millions of women and children who are still being held as sex slaves. The ones with no voice.
”They often ask the women why they don’t escape. Run away. Break free. Could the door really have been shut all the time?” Kielos writes and shows how there are many doors: Economical, mental and emotional barriers that in most cases are impossible to force open.
But what is the world like for the women who manage to escape?
Outside, there is a grim reality where the victim has no place to go. She stops being a prisoner and sex slave and instead becomes an illegal immigrant on the run. She is in both cases far away from society’s protection.
There is a market which is controlled by the interests of the sex buyer in countries where paying for sex is legal. The demand for younger and younger girls intensifies the market. As doors close in front of the victims, other doors are opened for human traders and pimps who have a slim chance of getting caught. The sex buyers are also free from responsibility of their actions and risk no punishment.
The women are the ones who lose, the ones without rights and without a voice. Not knowing the language, having no money or other ways to provide for themselves, even the ones who escape risk returning to prostitution. It´s not uncommon for them to return to the same pimp.

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