Three questions to Peder Grell, travel reporter

How does Peder Grell think about life and the challenges in society? He has awakened the lust for travelling within many of us, and has seen a lot of our great world. Peder is 63 years old, with a background as director of GP:s Saturday features as well as weekend magazine Två dagar. To the public he is however mostly known as travel reporter.

1. What do you think is important in life?

To me personally it is about a lot of things. I try to live well, not putting energy into things I can’t change and to not dwell on things that are not important.

2. What would you like to see more of in society?

I would like to strengthen concepts such as solidarity and equality. Important words and concepts whose value is being undermined more and more, and this is something that is happening both locally and globally.

3. Does “Fair Sex” as a concept have the place it deserves in society and what important challenges can you find connected to it?

Education, education, and once again education. I believe that education is the way out of poverty, out of oppression (political and religious) and out of structures that affect poor people. The international community carries a great responsibility. Imagine if we could give away education instead of selling weapons, but maybe that is wishing for too much seeing that the human being must be the most primitive creature this planet has seen.

Regarding Fair sex I don’t really have an opinion yet but all forces that work for equality and against oppression and abuse in all its forms should be supported.