Three questions for Magnus Almhed

Every so often, RealStars interviews people to answer three questions and to offer their perspective on the work against trafficking and how to prevent unfair sex. Magnus Almhed was one of the people who helped RealStars during their first years. At the time, he was working at an advertising agency and fine-tuned our text, copy and rhetoric. Among other things, he worked on our initiative ‘Fashion for Fair Sex’, where we aimed to sell products to benefit the work against trafficking. We are still very thankful for Magnus’ efforts.

1. What makes you happy?
– My family, nature and the unexpected meetings of everyday life are important sources of happiness for me.

2. What would you like to see more of in society?
– A stronger sense of togetherness. I have a feeling that many of us focus on ourselves and prioritize our own needs and wants without considering how our decisions affect others. Egoism makes it harder to solve problems at a societal level, but I also think a too large focus on the self makes us unhappy as individuals in the long run.

3. 3. What challenges do you see in order to tackle trafficking and other expressions of unfair sex (different forms of abuse)?
– People who live comfortable lives and can influence their own life conditions don’t become victims of trafficking. Therefore, democratisation and economic development, or economic equalisation, is important to minimise the access to victims of trafficking and sex purchase. Battling unfair sex is a question of equality that we might solve by developing more empathy and compassion within all of society. Of course, this is a long journey, but together with RealStars and other good forces we can gather the strength to speed up this change.