Three questions for Linnea Henriksson – made an impression on Idol

Three new answers – we wondered what Linnea Henriksson, jazz singer & club organizer, values in life and thinks of Fair Sex. She is known by the public for her participation in Idol 2010. Linnea sings in the band Prylf, organizes the club Jam in Malmö and is currently with “Idol Tour Live!” which travels across Sweden at the start of 2011. Follow her blog on and join her Facebook Fanpage.

1. What do you think is important in life?

My family, my friends and relations to people I meet. It’s important to care for them and for people to take care of each other. I also think it’s very important to believe in yourself, to dream and to be unafraid to be comitted.

2. What would you like to see more of in society?

Warmth and love in an ordinary way. I am one of those people who doesn’t think February 14th is an important day – to me it’s important to give a little every day instead. That’s something I wish more people would do. Just simple eye contact on the bus – I think something as little as that can lead to great changes in the long run. I am afraid because many people want to do great things while only looking forwards, instead of living in the moment and seeing everything beautiful you meet every day.

3. Does “Fair Sex” as a concept have the place it deserves in society and what important challenges can you find connected to it?

Absolutely not. To me the concept was unknown before I heard of this campaign. I think it’s an incredibly important question which I wish would become bigger so it will become reality rather than something fought for. To exploit another human’s body, is an awfully major infringement of human rights.

It takes both long-term work with gender equality to improve women’s right in society, which is difficult all over the world – and it demands more evident actions in media to emphasize the issue to make people act and react. Serious Request (Musikhjälpen) is a good example of when people wants to help but needs an arena for it. Every day we get much informatiuon and it is easy to forget – therefore it is important to always remind oneself. And this campaign for Fair Sex is great. It is OK as long as you do something. Even if the work is hard it will always lead to improvement.

4. Do you have any favorite legware?

I like pantyhose even though they tear easily.


Here is the address to RealStars’ campaign JOIN FAIR SEX, sign and spread it to your friends