Three questions – The Naima Train

Three questions of a new kind. We ask Maria Nyström, 19 years old. She is known on stage as The Naima Train. Maria creates several layers of music by using a loopstation. It’s original and sounds fantastic. Read more here.

1. What makes you happy?
Sound, music and beautiful places. I enjoy large groups of people. Sound is in my head all the time, it gives me a special feeling. Visual things aren’t as strong in the same way. I always want sound.

2. What would you do to make the world a better place?
I would try to make people more humane and honest. I would reduce formality when talking to people, make people open up and be human.

2. What does Fair Sex mean to you?
Sex should definitely be something positive. It’s the most primitive thing us humans have left. We have the gift of eachother and the gift of love. We must stop abusing it.

Listen to The Naima Train

Statement for Fair Sex here