Realstars invites you to a very important event May 23 17.30 at Bio Roy. The sexual slavery market has been globalised and continues to grow. This business is ongoing every day, all year round- even in Gothenburg, where the biggest human trafficking case in Sweden so far took place last year.

Abuse and trafficking is not only a part of reality. It is also a frequent theme in movies and literature. Stieg Larsson’s successful Milliennium trilogy is only one of many examples.

What is the correlation between fact and fiction? What makes human trafficking such a popular genre for crime novels – but at the same time such a controversial topic for lunch breaks? And is there a link between the attitude towards the sexual slavery business and violence against women? If we can identify the common thread running through these issues: could we create tools powerful enough to make them disappear?

17.30  Welcome 
Malin Roux and Pernilla Holmgren

17.40 The biggest trafficking case in Sweden- an insider’s look.
September last year saw the verdicts in the controversial trafficking case in Gothenburg. The main perpetrators and their henchmen were given long sentences. But for trafficking to lead to sentences are still rarely occuring. Why? And what can we learn from last year’s trafficking case? Meet some of the people who were there: Mats Paulsson from the Swedish police human trafficking group, journalist Johanna Bäckström Lerneby, and prosecutor Thomas Eliasson.

18.30 The Naima Train

19.10 Dance performance by Toby Kassell (choreographer) with Joakim Envik Karlsson, Danielle de Vries and musicians Linda Olah and Lindha Kallerdah.

19.30 Rape in crime novels: how are the readers affected?
Berit Åström, editor of the book ”Rape in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy and Beyond”, discusses rape in contemporary crime literature. Why have authors chosen to include acts of rape in their plots? What does that tell us about the perpetrator and the victim? Gösta Zachrisson from Men for Equality, political scientist Nora Oleskog Tryggvason, and journalist and member of FOFF (Forum for Feminist Parents) Eva Lindholm, will also participate in the discussion.

20.15   United Sisters, The Gothenburg Rescue Mission Agora RealStars, Bilda Study Association

The event is free of charge.

We thank our partners: Bilda Study Association, United Sisters, The Gothenburg Rescue Mission Agora and Bio Roy.

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Welcome to an engaging evening with panel discussions, music, dance and mingling! 
Malin at Realstars