Imagine if it was your mother, sister or cousin being assaulted. What would you have done then?

Trafficking is a violation that is performed by ordinary people. It is devastating to hear that 8% of all men in Sweden have contributed to this figure, by paying for sex. It is shameful, disgusting and absurd for these actions to proceed, and to miss out the larger problem. To be so incompetent and uncomprehending of how these valnerable people are being affected, is both stupid and idiotic beyond explanation. Imagine if it was your mother, sister or cousin being assaulted. What would you have done then? Would it be okay to simply let someone buy them? Next time you are considering buying sex, rethink and open your eyes. It is someone’s child, daughter, mother or cousin. This is our initial reflection on facing the word trafficking for the purpose of sexual service.

⁃ Anna and Flak Trim, Jensen Gymnasium, Gothenburg

This is one of many reflections which we gathered over the last few weeks of school visits in Gothenburg. The students we met, had many thoughts and feelings about human trafficking, prostitution and sex on equal terms. They asked a lot of questions and it was clear that they wanted to learn more about issues related to human rights, sexual abuse and sex trafficking. The visits included interesting discussions, intensive debates and a lot of creative crafts.

Today we met with 36 students at LBS Kreativa Gymnasium in Trollhättan. After a short lecture, we discussed specific things that individuals, society and students can physically do to combat human trafficking and promote Fair Sex. Issues highlighted, suggested that they were all able to take an active position through social media, spread the knowledge to others and even make it through art.

On a higher level the students emphasized the importance of the EU raising the issue further, and to grant the police more resources.

After this, during an hour, with newspapers, markers, crayons, glitter and much more to assist, the students created collages to show that they took a stand – against trafficking and the Fair Sex. The picture shows some of the results of the day’s work. Click on the image to see it larger!

Blogginlägg 14-11-04

We are so incredibly inspired by all the students we meet and are now looking forward to the busy weeks we have in front of us in Västra Götaland!

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