Grand Lecture at Drottning Blankas High School in Kungsbacka

2014-10-21 09.38.54
Foto: Anna Lindeborg

On the West coast, the school visits continue. Today, I held a lecture at the Drottning Blankas High School in Kungsbacka. The majority of the school’s students from all grades were gathered. A total of 100 students attended the lecture.

Many students signed the petition to help us in our work against trafficking. Several students stayed behind after the lecture and asked questions showing great interest. The teachers were very pleased with our visit and we hope to revisit soon and then work more creatively with smaller groups in order to inspire and involve the students further!
Tomorrow, I will visit the Jensen’s High School here in Gothenburg and meet another class. This time we will have a workshop and practise values. The work against trafficking and for Fair Sex continues.
Best regards from Anna the process leader, in Gothenburg.