Stop Female Death in Advertising

Stop Female Death In Advertising is Lisa Hågeby’s master’s dissertation at Beckman’s University of Design. The project shows how women in commercials are made submissive on a grand scale. To illustrate the phenomenon, she picked the most extreme form of submission, images that allude to a dead woman.
From ReaStars’ perspective, it is not hard to draw a parallel with all the millions of women in prostitution live their lives with a risk of being beaten, tortured and killed. Girls and women who are victims of prostitution run a 40 times higher risk of death than the average. No group of women regardless of vocation or living conditions has a mortality rate as high as women in prostitution. The cause of death varies from murder to accidents as well as drug and alcohol abuse. In a study from 2004, American researchers ascertained that women in prostitution are 18 times more likely to be murdered than other women*.
With this in mind, the ad picturing a murdered woman in the trunk of a car becomes an apotheosis of a brutal power struggle, something fashion houses readily use to bestow “some excitement”. Ads like these are actually an uncritical commercialization – an attempt to profit off of an extremely tragic reality that affects women all over the world, every day. It makes you wonder: is the dead body of a woman a strong selling point?

Isabel for RealStars

*Source: Varat och Varan, Kajsa Ekis Ekman

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