RealStars should become bigger and more notable in 2013

RealStars can look back on an eventful 2012 with many successful activities. All thanks to valuable aid, cooperation and inspiration in our work. We have affected locally, nationally and on EU level. Our most successful year since our beginnings in 2010. We want to take the lead in the defense of everyone’s equality and Fair Sex. We came a long way with our campaign for a Europe free from trafficking!

These are some of last year’s highlights:

Lectures: We were invited to speak at SE forum in January, we visited high-schools and spoke at company meetings.

A cooperation with180 Degrees Consulting, where tomorrow’s leaders from the Business School in Stockholm did a splendid consulting job and helped us develop strategies for greater social influence.

We arranged the club event For Fair Sex at House of Win Win in Gothenburg, where several speakers and two artists were invited; Sebastian Wijk and The Naima Train. We listened to research information and how life can look for young girls who are exposed to crime.

At Lagerhuset we had an art exhibition for Fair Sex. Five exciting artists; Mathilda Frykberg, Ann-Pia Azizuddin, Martina Jakobsson, Mette Johansen and Minka Jaker displayed their works. The City of Gothenburg spoke about bringing forth a plan of actions against prostitution and human trading..

RealStars has created debate and aroused opinion, among others are three debate articles in Göteborgs-Posten, Svenska Dagbladet Brännpunkt and most recently in Aftonbladet.

The main highlight of the campaign – The Anti-Trafficking Day at Moderna Museet which took place on October 18 with a few hundred in the audience. An exciting program with speakers from Musikhjälpen, the Swedish Police, the County Administrative Board, The Body Shop, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Parliament. Emil Jensen provided music and four writers talked about why they wrote their important books on the subject of trafficking.

Together, we have had several amazing and inspiring events and meetings on how we should shape a future where human dignity and fair sex shall be a given for everyone. Legislation against sex purchases is a cornerstone for this future free from sexual slavery.

The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs has faith in RealStars. Now in 2013, we will continue the development of our campaign For Fair Sex – Against Trafficking.

We are currently planning and looking over some opportunities and collaborations. We want more people who believe in a Europe free from trafficking. We will continue our cooperation with schools, develop collaborations with corporations and arrange various events with Fair Sex as a theme (dance, art etc.).

Corporations joining and taking social responsibility will be the next step in social stability! Our goal is also to become a more notable organization, growing and increasing in membership. Then, in time we can play a key role in creating change in society.

Please contact us if you have any ideas.

All support and suggestions of how we can make a bigger breakthrough in society is invaluable.

Thank you everyone!

Malin for RealStars