Realstars in national media – Aktuellts Utblick 21st of November

All of you who have followed us since Realstars started its journey in 2010 know that we have always had great ambitions and that we are working towards making Europe free from trafficking. Last week can be seen as a milestone for us when I, the founder of this organisation, was asked to appear on “Aktuellt” and comment the development in Europe regarding issues in prostitution and trafficking. The underlying reason was the proposed legislation in France to ban the purchase of sex.

If this law will be voted through in France, it will be an extremely important step for freedom, human rights and Fair Sex in a large EU country. Furthermore, other countries might also take a step in the same direction and shift the focus from the victim to those who abuse – in this case the buyer.

The proposition to Realstars to appear on television can be seen as a result of our systematic work on different levels and our effort to raise this question to the agenda. Moreover, to make a difference on the EU level and to engage a wider audience in Sweden we have carried out campaigns, Anti-trafficking days, opinion articles, social activities and school partnerships.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported our work in various ways. It has certainly given results and Realstars is becoming a voice to count on and that makes difference on various levels.

Thank you!

Link to Aktuellts Utblick:
Realstars  intervjuas i Aktuellt Utblick 2013-11-25 kl. 15.46.05