Hildur and its customers support RealStars

Hildur is an online store that works ethically, ecologically and economically for sustainable consumption. The store chose to support RealStars and its activities against trafficking and sex trafficking during the EU Anti-Trafficking Day held on October 18th. 20% of the store’s revenue generated on the day was donated to RealStars.

The purpose of the campaign was to support RealStars’ work against trafficking, an issue that is highly topical considering the sheer amount of people currently seeking refuge and running the risk of becoming victims of human traffickers. The store’s founder Anna Gillholm answered a few short questions about the campaign, and what the company thinks of RealStars’ work and our fight against trafficking.

Why did you choose to support RealStars?
Like most people we are concerned by reports of how tough life is for refugees, and we decided that we wanted to help somehow. Considering that they are a particularly vulnerable group to trafficking we felt it was an important issue we wanted to help prevent. Malin and I know each other privately, so I knew that the money would be spent wisely.

What did Hildur get out of the campaign?
It was positive to help spread RealStars’ message to our customers through newsletters, Facebook and Instagram. Sex trafficking is a phenomenon that most “ordinary” women in their forties do not encounter. Even if it doesn’t affect you directly, it is something that almost everyone thinks is loathsome and should be opposed in every way possible. We are pleased to have been able to contribute to support RealStars’ work against trafficking.

Why is this an important issue for your company?
Everyone has the power to help make our world a better place – individuals and businesses. Every person is unique and valuable, and should be able to live their lives the way they want. Nobody should have to slave for others. Trafficking is one of the worst forms of how power can be exerted. Businesses can help draw attention to this issue, show our disapproval and that it is something we want to counter.