RealStars receives support from ‘APS Drift och Underhåll’

‘APS Drift och Underhåll’ work with everything from electricity, regulation, and Automatic Control for heating, ventilation and sanitation in Sweden. On their website the company explains that they are a business that values their CSR (corporate social responsibility) highly. They want to work hard for positive community development with strong consideration for the environment and the consequences of a lack of environmental responsibility. APS have chosen to support a range of organisations as part of their CSR, and we at RealStars are very proud to be one of these!

Three questions to Clas Stenström, CEO at APS Drift och Underhåll:

You have chosen to become a Friend of RealStars, how did this come about?

Within our Community engagement, we have several projects that help and highlight womens’ vulnerability, and so an involvement with RealStars felt right!

What kind of response did you get from your employees?

We are completely transparent with our Community engagement and our teams are part of the journey with choosing appropriate projects, our understanding is that they are proud of our engagement.

JPSDrift och underhåll

A big Thank You to APS and their two engineers, Malin Snäckmark and Lisa Oxelman, for posing for this picture!