Realstars is breaking new ground in Dalarna

In May, Realstars went to Dalarna to make a visit to St. Michael’s School in Mora, but also to Skattungbyn a couple of miles outside Mora where the local cultural association organized a public lecture for the village citizens.

At St. Michael’s School we gave a big lecture and organized a workshop with students from mixed classes. After our visit students have continued to write articles about trafficking based on various inputs. The school is very interested in continuing to cooperate with us, but also with other schools. For next year, they are planning for a longer project with students in an educational program including art exhibition but also considers arranging Fair Sex – days for the entire school which is incredibly positive and exciting for us on Realstars.

The visit in Skattungbyn resulted in fruitful discussions and specific proposals for discouraging the demand for sex trafficking, for taking with us to the Nordic Forum in June. It is heartwarming to know that Realstars’s growing in different directions all the time.