Realstars at Almedalen

This year’s Almedalsvecka (Almedalen Week) has begun. Realstars are on location with various activities this year. There is among other things a seminar you can read about below. Hope to see you there. Issues like trafficking need to be a higher priority on the agenda and society needs to step away from words and act instead!

Stop Trafficking- How is it done?

What kind of society do we want? How do we reduce the demand and the sex trade? A talk combined with a workshop for ideas dealing with themes like trafficking, sex trade and assaults. In Europe the john is protected by liberal laws and as such, few victims of trafficking are rescued. Play a web based game with unique stories from the real world and experience the sheer force in Fair Sex – sex on equal terms.

Special guest is Caroline Engvall, author of 14 år till Salu and Skuggbarn and Skamfläck among other things.

TIME: Tuesday July 1, 12:00 – 14:00

LOCATION: Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3 (formerly College), Room D22

Sign the petition for a Europe free from Trafficking at When you’ve done that, distribute and share the request throughout your networks to make a difference. The signatures are sent to EU decision-makers.