Art for fair sex

Realstars has even since the beginning used art and design to carry the message about Fair Sex across to people. Art is able to move us on a deeper level, it makes us reflect as well as change situations and give attention to human rights and the human value.

Art for Fair Sex på Lagerhuset 6 september 2012

During the spring 2012 Realstars collaborated with five artists; Matilda Frykberg, Ann-Pia Azizuddin, Martina Jakobsson, Mette Johansen and Minka Jakerson.

You can see some of the paintings here below. Art for Fair Sex is part of our Campaign for a Europe free from trafficking where everyone can make make the voices heard and influence EU in the right direction. Please sign the petitionen here.

Installation and books created by Mathilda Frykberg

Mathilda-Frykberg_3-500x331 Mathilda-Frykberg-500x331

”These books are written on the theme of Fair Sex, with honesty and rest as the thematic counterparts to sex trafficking. They are best suited for reading aloud and preferrably as a good night story for someone you like. May all our voices always speak of care and love and not violence and force. Strong together: Make Fair Sex Real.”

Painting/collage by Martina Jakobsson


”The Lovers”

Miniature installation ”The Gentlemen´s Club” by Mette Johansen. Mette Johansen also showed a presentation of Pictures called ”Little body of mine” at Lagerhuet


”My miniature worlds and fotographic work and is mainly focused on describing the World and our relationships. Through a playfully created illusion of a time passed or a captured moment, I wish to tell a moving story. The unavoidable meeting between people. Always present and highly decisive.”

Short film ”The Dollar Bill” by Minka Jakerson


”The art work explores the phenomenon of prostitution. Prostitution can be viewed as a concentrated or even extreme version of the relationship between the sexes in general.”

Sketches by Anna-Pia Azizuddin

azizuddin_skiss1-224x300 azizuddin_skiss2-224x300