New web game – Do you want to become an agent in Fair Sex: Nätverket?

The web game – or the training program that we call ”Fair Sex: The Network” – is ready to go for all those who want to learn more and become engaged in questions about trafficking, prostitution and human rights. Young people and secondary students make up the primary target group; a web game can reach many more young people.

We see the game as very relevant today when sexual assault and harassment among young people is a highly topical and debated subject. Trafficking and the sex trade are increasing around the world at the same time – even in Sweden. It is very important to inform about the Swedish Sex Purchase Act and spread it to other countries.

These questions are bound together where Fair Sex: The Network is a fictitious organisation that stands up for sex on equal terms and fairness. The game is intended for secondary school students; it is a way to learn more about modern day slavery and provides an opportunity to reflect on questions around sexual harassment and violation in everyday life. The Network encourages players to arrive at their own conclusions about Fair Sex in light of the stories presented by the game. Our values and how they relate to actions – how we speak and think about gender, sex and relationships – are a very important part.

The game is in two parts. In the case “Trafficking” we meet Crina, 19 years old from Romania. She is forced to sell sex in Sweden. The case about Crina gives us a clear picture of the reality about trafficking.

In the case ”Just for Fun” we meet Mikaela, 17 years old. She has reported that she has been raped by a couple of male friends her own age. “Just for Fun” is a very personal description of a girl who is blamed for an assault. This part leads us from sex crime law to internet bullying and offensive material on the net.

The game is funded by Allmänna Arvsfonden (the Swedish Inheritance Fund). Realstars has created the game in cooperation with Pedagogiskt Centrum (the Pedagogical Centre) which has worked with experiences and games as ways to deal with complex questions. Teachers were given an insight into the game when they attended our seminar at the Mötesplats Skola conference at the end of October 2013.

We now want to spread the game widely. Although the game is primarily for young people we hope as many as possible will want to play the game and participate in small or large ways and together work towards Fair Sex and against trafficking.
In other words become an agent in Fair Sex: the Network!

Malin for Realstars