News from RealStars

Yes, we are actively working to inspire more people to join us to create a society free from sex trafficking.

We are planning a school project and I have contacted the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs (Ungdomsstyrelsen). I received many questions. I said that we are a nonprofit organization (RealStars) and that many wonderful people help develop the operation. But are they members of the association? No, I said. It is quite common today to contribute but it doesn’t mean that they participate as members of the organization. However, I got a comment stating that it is important with participation in a nonprofit organization – that people who are dedicated also have the opportunity to take part in decisions regarding operational plans and the development of the association.

What struck me is that the different answers we get with the “three questions” and challenges around Fair Sex in society, contribute to the shaping of an operational plan which many have participated in.

Meetings and conversations also make building blocks, concrete ideas and tips for the development of RealStars. Thank you!

We listen, we take in. and we develop.

You can also take part and suggest how we should work, give creative ideas and recommendations of partners we can work together with. Even tips about the nonprofit organization, about membership and formalization of engagement.

I will soon talk more about the school project. Don’t forget stockings and leggings for Fair Sex. We are working with the suppliers. If you have professional experience within this area we would be happy if you could contact us.

Malin Roux for RealStars