New campaigning opportunities

Recently I read something intresting at the website CSR i This is certainly not new information, but still highly linked to the RealStars vision – to make a difference i a very important issue – trafficking. There is a tipping point in every issue and if people join together and stand up to something which is wrong in society, a change will take place.

A petition can make a big difference if thousands of people stand behind it. A critical mass can reverse the pendulum. They can make corporations and the society think twice. When it comes to trafficking, many people around the world want to see a change.

RealStars wants to be a voice that contributes to the movement for freedom and anti-slavery. There is a service available for people who want to do something together, The Point, an american initiative with a tag line ”Make something happen”. The service makes it easy for organizations to bring together people with similar opinions in a particurlar issue. This might be a good tip for us at RealStars – and for everyone who wants to make a difference – to use (if it is possible for us Europeans to use ”the Point” – or if a new European version is created).