A new government initiative regarding ethics and sex trade

The public agencies should increase its knowledge to handle and prevent the purchase of Sexual Services. The government has invested ten million Swedish crowns not only to prevent but also to increase knowledge of purchase of sexual services and consumption of pornography during government work.

We have spoken to Krus (Kompetensrådet för utveckling i staten) – The council for the development of human resources in public administration – who was given the assignment of realizing this skill investment. The work will begin soon and a project leader will be assigned shortly.

– We will, among other things give investments to education of both employers and employees. We want to visualize the problem, discuss different defined limits and create awareness, says Daniel Bergvall, Development strategist at Krus.

I am told the question is complicated. To start with you could have a policy regarding which rules a employee is expected to follow during office hours. This gives clarity and could be accompanied by changed attitudes and increased awareness.

Do other countries have an interest in Sweden’s work in ethics?

– The Act Prohibiting the Purchase of Sexual Services has meant that Sweden has a zero tolerance regarding prostitution. There are different opinions of what is OK in different countries. Some EU countries have shown interest in our regulation. But there are also many whose opinions differ.

We will follow this initiative with great anticipation. We especially want to make comparisons with how big international companies handle this issue regarding the corporate responsibility. Social sustainability, a fashionable phrase which gains real meaning in light of the human trafficking which happens here in Sweden and on business trips and vacations.