Meet RealStars in Almedalen

The politicians’ week in Almedalen will start on Sunday, and RealStars will obviously be there. On Monday, the 29th of June at 10 am, we invite to a panel talk on the theme “Who accepts responsibility for the selling of teenage bodies online and IRL?”. You are very welcome!

Sex trafficking is increasing in the world, and an extensive new report from Länsstyrelsen show that the number of escort ads on the Internet has increased enormously in the last years. In the same time, attention has been drawn to many cases of rape where the perpetrators have gone free on very questionable bases. It is also reported about the fact that 27% of young persons on the Internet have been contacted by a person online for sexual purposes when they don’t want to be. How are these things connected?

How do we talk about the daily abuse and violations that are occurring online and in society every day? How does it affect the young persons that are spending a large amount of their time online? How does it affect us all, and what can we all do to work against this? How do we strengthen values for Fair Sex online and what does it take to create a society free of sexual violence­­? The seminar is followed by a creative workshop to create change.

Participating are, among others:

Malin Roux Johansson, Director, RealStars. Julia Östfeldt, Föreningen Tillsammans. Madeleine Sundell, Metodstöd Social Rättvisa, Frälsningsarmén och Rebecka Eriksson, Fryshuset.

Where: Ryska Gränd 18

When: June 29th 10/11.30 am

RealStars are in Almedalen to highlight the crime hiding in the dark – the sex purchase. Bodies are not for sale, and every single sex purchase is fueling the sex trade and sex trafficking.

 In 2015 we encourage society and politicians to take vigorous efforts to protect young persons:

–      Purchasing sex from a child should always be penalized with prison (and be punished for what it is – child rape).

–      Sex purchases that are made by Swedish tourists abroad should be punishable in the same way as in Sweden. Human rights should be respected regardless of country.

–      Child rape – Should always be seen as rape, regardless of what the child’s body looks like – the blame should be put on the perpetrator.

–      Swedish politicians should work more forcefully to encourage other countries to adopt a sex trade law – an effective tool to reduce demand.

See you in Visby!