The Media Upper Secondary School in Nacka Strand

The fall semester of 2015 is in full swing and so are we here at RealStars. Yesterday I, Anton, visited the amazing last year students who are studying photography at the Media Upper Secondary School.

The afternoon was initiated with a lecture where students could learn more about trafficking, what the situation is like in Sweden and Europe, but also who the “typical” purchaser of sex is in Sweden.

“I believe that the typical purchaser of sex in Sweden is a middle-aged man with a family, I really do think that most who purchase sex have a wife and children.”

We at RealStars have produced a profile of the typical Swedish sex customer, which shows that he (because it is a man) is between the ages of 19 and 75, lives a “normal life” and has no prior convictions. Just as the students believed, he often does have a girlfriend/wife and a family.

Fotograf: Peter Eriksson, Mediagymnasiet (5 av 11)

After the initial lecture, we moved on to a creative workshop with value-based exercises where students take a stand for or against various statements in the exercises “Walking the Line” and “Fair Sex, Grey Area, Unfair Sex”. These exercises always stimulate a constructive debate between students, encourages them to think and reflect upon both their own and others’ values, behaviours and lifestyles.

Fotograf: Peter Eriksson, Mediagymnasiet (1 av 11)

After these value-based exercises the students received instructions for the creative task they will work on during the week to come.

Fotograf: Peter Eriksson, Mediagymnasiet (6 av 11)

Fotograf: Peter Eriksson, Mediagymnasiet (6 av 11)

We at RealStars want to say that “Thank You” for a very pleasant visit and for your great commitment. We are looking forward to coming back next week to view the presentation of your pictures.

You are real stars!