Maria Gustafsson ”Fair sex should be a given”

Now Three Questions are asked to Maria Gustafsson, entrepreneur and social scientist at MIKU. Many of you probably know of Maria as a blogger and creator of . WebCoast.

1. What do you think is important in life?
That you and those close to you know what is important. To understand what that means people have to go through hardships together. It may seem unbearable in the midst, but afterwards you can look back and realize that you have actually learned what life is about. A friend asked me what love is today. I thought about it and answered that it only means you want to be close to someone. Love is important but also to stand up for yourself. To have the courage to be yourself, to say and do what you want. The way to achieve this is also an important part of life. Luckily that journey never ends.

2- What would you like to see more of in society
Compassion i.e. when people help each other in everyday situations. Like talking to a child who is crying on the tram if you see the parents are tired. To rise and let someone who needs it have a seat. The small actions are so important, but only when they are really done.Eevery day there are so many opportunities.

3- Has “Fair Sex” as an idea, the place it deserves in society and what important challenges do you find connected to it?
Fair sex should be a given. In a perfect world, this campaign wouldn’t have to exist. The concept isn’t shown in society. I think this due to different reasons. One reason is that discussing sex has been taboo for a very long time. This combined with vulnerability and other problems makes it even more difficult to talk about. Reading about trafficking is hard if you really want to get a clear picture of what’s going on. Many people live in this harsh reality everyday.

4- Do you have a favorite legwear(pantyhose or leggings)?
Yes, I prefer black and covering. Simple covering med luster. At parties I prefer glossy because it’s lovely. In the 80’s I used to have plaid, striped and all kinds of patterns, but now I prefer black.

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