The country in Europe which sticks out

Just like several other European countries, prostitution is legal in Switzerland. It’s even legal to advertise it. It can happen openly in the street and there are brothels, similar to other European countries. But there is one big difference between Switzerland and most other European countries with legalized prostitution. It’s actually legal to sell sex even if you are under the age of eighteen, which would mean it is child prostitution.

Child prostitution is just as horrible as it sounds, someone buys a child’s body to satisfy their sexual needs.

However, the seller can’t be too young as the age limit is sixteen years of age, which is absolutely insane.

A sixteen year old hasn’t finished school, hasn’t had an honest chance to make their own choices in life but they can still get forced into the sex industry.

But it looks like it’s heading in the right direction. Something else I read about this on the Swiss news site ”” (18/8 11) was that there has been a law suggestion to change the age limit from sixteen to eighteen.

Even with raising the age limit, there are still many problems regarding prostitution. Prostitution has increased, according to the news site ””. So has violence within the sex industry. There is apparently about 3000 trafficking victims in the country but there could be many more.

Ernst A Borg for RealStars