“Can’t one just help them?”

During next week the students finish school in Gothenburg, which means that the summer break soon is here. RealStars school visits are finishing for this school year, but we still have a few to do. Yesterday, we visited Sjölins gymnasium in Vasastan. image1

During the afternoon, we met around 70 students who curiously and interestedly listened to our lecture. A lot of people asked questions regarding law and the situation of people involved in prostitution. However, the question most people might be asking is Can’t one just help them? Can’t someone just go in and save them? This question came up in relation to how trafficking and the purchasing of sex slaves look in Europe.

Of course, there is no simple answer to these questions, even though one would like to simply say: yes. But no, it is not that simple, because there is a large demand for these people in Europe. The large demand for purchasing sex leads to a large market for human trafficking. We can not look the other way when faced with this, and we can all help make the demand for sex purchases smaller.

The last hour of our visit, the students divided themselves into smaller groups in which they created collages, discussed, took pictures and activated themselves on social media. You will find the results here on Creativity For Fair Sex. Thank you for a nice visit!

Do you want us to come to your school during the fall? Contact Anna Lindeborg if you live in close proximity to Gothenburg (anna@realstars.eu) or Anton Gustavsson if you live in close proximity of Stockholm (anton@realstars.eu), and we would happily book a visit!