The 2012 Campaign For Fair Sex

The planning and creation of this year’s campaign is in progress.

The campaign will be launched on the International Women’s Day, March 8th. It will continue until the Anti-trafficking Day on October 18th. This year we will have more voices supporting Fair Sex than ever!

The campaign will be online. Those of you who want to contribute towards change will this year be able to sign for making our great legwear available at the stores during 2012. We have found a great interest for our leggings among fashion designers, bloggers and women’s magazines. We can, as consumers, influence fashion designers to take a stand for Fair Sex and support us with the launch of our product.

As great and powerful European countries like France and Germany are currently discussing changes to legislations regarding prostitution and trafficking, it is important that many of us ordinary people show our support for Fair Sex laws. Together we can influence more countries and parties to take a step towards changing the situation in Europe.

If it continues like it has for the last ten years, Europe will not only have the largest number of sex slaves per capita, but also an normalized and accepted sex trade. Future generations will not even think about the criminal and horrific actions behind its existence.

Join us when the campaign starts in two weeks. Together we can make a difference.

/Matilda och Malin for RealStars