The International Women’s Day, March 8th

On The International Women’s Day 3/8 Amnesty and Ladyfest Göteborg will arrange a party to celebrate amazing women who fight for their freedoms and rights. The party will be at Världskulturmuseet and begins at 7PM after the March 8th demonstration. Matilda Berggren will be the MC of the evening.

The evening comes with exciting seminars and discussions with the theme of sexual and reproductive rights. There is also a feminist ballet performance, a movie by and with Bianca Kronlöf and you can try our work shop with Gothenburg Roller Derby and plenty of other stuff too. Ladyfest keeps the party going after 10:00PM and invites us all to wonderful live acts!

From  9:15 – 10:00 Malin Roux, founder of RealStars speaks about our work towards a Europe free from trafficking. Also speaking is Réal Laplaine, writer of the book “See Me Not” which is about how an 8 year old girl is rescued from sexual slavery in India.

The Seminar will be at Seminarierum 3, floor. 2