Intense weeks in Stockholm

The last few weeks have been full of school visits in Stockholm and its surroundings. RealStars have visited S:t Eriksgymnasiet, Kunskapsgymnasiet (The Globe), Grillska Gymnasiet (Uppsala), Rönninge Gymnasiet, Norra Real, Thorildsplansgymnasiet and Didaktus Liljeholmen.

At every school, and in every class, we have met students with strong engagement and will to discuss. They were all chocked to hear about the situation of the 30 million people that has been forced into the modern slavery that human trafficking is.

During the workshops that we have held at the schools, following comments/ideas/thoughts have been presented by the students:

“What is it that drives the demand for prostitutes”?

  • The way men see women and their own masculinity.
  • Validation, money, power, “manliness”, “satisfaction”.

“How can we work against it”?

  • Education is the most important, gender pedagogy, as well as legislation (as the Swedish law) that works against the demand.
  • To have the courage to talk about sex and most of all COEXISTENCE in general – one has to understand that everyone is a human being, no matter their sex, ethnicity or background!

“What can you do to support the work against trafficking”?

  • Educate people in school and at workplaces (such as hotels)
  • Talk about it with friends and acquaintances.
  • Not purchase sex.
  • Start with respecting yourself and others.
  • Not visit places like the Red Light District in Amsterdam – people who are shown as if they were animals at a ZOO.
  • Talk about how the porn industry enhances the objectification of women and how it creates a twisted portrait of sex and dominance.

“Why is not prostitution looked upon as ‘any other occupation’?”

  • Because it is about objectification, to give up your own sexuality and the right to your own body, and because there is no passion.
  • Because it, for most people, is a last resort. It puts people in dangerous and unhealthy relationships where violence and drugs are common.
  • Because you can not own a human being (not even for an hour), human beings are not products.Rönninge gymnasiumKunskapsgymnasiet globen

(Students at Rönninge Gymnasium and Kunskapsgymnasiet The Globe take a stand against trafficking)

A big thank you goes out to all of you that have been engaged and willing to discuss as well as reflect on issues regarding sex, trafficking, prostitution, and sex purchasing.

You are fantastic.