Fundraising days in Nordstan



Realstars attended the Fundraising Days 24-26 November in Nordstan.

image-2 The Fundraising Days is a brand-new event aiming at emphasizing the importance of fundraising to benefit vulnerable people; both locally and globally. 

This turned out to be a very successful and profitable initiative giving us the opportunity to meet other organizations and lots of curious people. Many signed our petition petition for stricter European legislation when it comes to trafficking and they also supported our preventative work against sex trafficking by buying our products. Some money was also put in our collection box.  Sign the petition here!

Participating at the Nordstan Fundraising Days was an excellent opportunity for us to reach people from different target groups. image-3 Apart from the fundraising we also handed out information and explained why it is crucial to work to prevent the demand for sex trafficking.

It has been fun and exciting to participate in this new forum for information, fundraising and advocacy and we hope that these Fundraising days will turn into a recurrent event in Nordstan