What’s your view?

Musician and pedagogue, Lotta Johanson who works both in Sweden and abroad, is a guest on RealStars’ blog.

You see them everywhere, people believing themselves to be superior to others, people who claim power and control other people’s lives. People who even think they have the right to conquer another person’s body. Conquer, i.e. to deprive the value of a human being, which is the only thing we came to this world to take care of. I wonder who you are, you who believe you posses the right to own another human’s body?

The Swedish legislation criminalizes the actions of the sex buyer. Those who have evaluated the issue of human trafficking want to export the Swedish approach to EU, something which encounters opposition in certain circles. See Brännpunkt i SvD December 16th where those who signed the article want to clearly mark the difference between voluntarily selling your body and the sex trafficking.

You can discuss this, but to me the question to those who hesitate to export the Swedish legislation to the EU is; who are you to defend the right to buy another human being’s body? And knowing that behind the political sanctions which normalize prostitution we find concealed the tragedy of a human being who over and over again has to pledge his or her body to survive.

According to me, selling your body is about poverty irrespective of the voices who want me and you to think it’s simply a self-elected act. The body is the only thing we can sell over and over again and in the nature of poverty, there is a never-ceasing inventiveness when it comes to survival, even though it is destructive.

Many of those who sell their bodies as a tool for an abuser are minors, and therefore I think it’s a shame that in 2011, isn’t given to rescue these children via legislation.

You can make a difference; you can be a star by lending your voice to those who cannot be heard. Follow the link and act now! Make Fair Sex Real.