How is a lucrative market for human trading made?

SR reports that there is an increase in trafficking victims in Europe but there are still no real efforts to prohibit sex buying in order to reduce the demand for sexual services.
Two weeks ago, Sveriges Radio reported that there was a substantial increase in trafficking victims in EU countries.
Amount of victims of trafficking identified within EU:
2008: 6 309
2009: 6 955
2010: 7 418
There are most likely many more unrecorded victims. The amount of victims who are identified depends mostly on priorities and resources. The Swedish Police has flat out stopped estimating the amount of victims of human trading in Sweden. One of the reasons for the increase is believed to be because the authorities have gotten better at noting and reporting the cases.
We at RealStars see yet another cause. Many European countries including Spain, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Greece have no law which prevents sex purchases. Relieving the sex buyers from their responsibility doesn’t just increase the demand for sexual services; it is actually allowed to increase.
Basically: allowing sex buying is an effective way to encourage an already lucrative market which is human trading and sexual exploitation. It is also important to realize that in countries where sex trade is allowed, the police can’t to intervene and protect or identify victims of human trading as they do not have the necessary means to do so. A sex trade law for example. In light of this, the numbers presented become even more peculiar.
Do you think it’s completely insane as well?
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