Hope for sex-purchase law in France

While the Swedish sex-purchase law is being debated in different ways, it’s also being exported.

It is to be hoped that France will instate a new law which is founded on the Swedish model. Approximately 20.000 are prostitutes in France and about 90% of them are from other countries. France aims to affirm the abolitionary position from 1960. It’s especially important, as prostitution tends to spread in Europe.

Prostitution is not ”the oldest job in the world” but rather the result of organized crime with humans as the product, it seems the politicians can agree on that matter.

A resolution inspired entirely on the Swedish model was adopted in early December 2011. The Swedish model is estimated to be the most successful in terms of reducing prostitution and sex trafficking.
The sentence has been proposed to be 3000 Euros and up to 6 months in prison. Voting on the law is supposed to take place later in May 2012 and after the presidential election.
It’s interesting because there is an unusually widespread agreement among the right and the left. The sex trafficking issue and prostitution isn’t being treated as an ideological- party-political matter and we can only hope the politicians here in Sweden follows this example. Others learn from Sweden, we can learn from others.
It’s a development which should definitely be followed up.

/Emmanuel for RealStars