Helge Johansson: Fair Sex can not be taken for granted in the fashion world

Helge Johansson, 17 years old and a model committed to both Friends and The Red Cross and now RealStars.

1- What do you think is important in life?

The most important thing to me is justice. It should be the base of every political decision. The right to have a choice is incredibly important. Everyone should be equal and be allowed to do as they like. No one should have to do something against their will. Human rights is a tool which gives a good foundation in working with matters regarding justice. Justice is always important, otherwise our social lives fall apart.

2- What would you like to see more of in society

I want to see more justice. I want politicians to respect justice and make decisions based on that. Trafficking is a big problem. The EU can no longer blame Asia for this. The increase of this industry is due to tourists from the West. A real debate is needed, the environmental problems also need more recognition. The environmental problems will lead to injustice if today’s theories will come true.

3- Has “Fair Sex” as an idea, the place it deserves in society and what important challenges do you find connected to it?

There isn’t enough room for Fair Sex because people aren’t focusing on the right things. At the EU-level the matter is almost non-existent because there isn’t any idea of how we can fix the problems. Everyone can make a difference. It is our responsibility to influence the EU, which in turn can influence others. The most important reforms that must happen is more and clearer legislation. The matter of Fair Sex should also need attention in the fashion business. There are many challenges, but they will be overcome.

Read how Helge discusses the matters of Fair Sex and RealStars at the photo blog Boys By Girls. He says that it is not uncommon with situations where photographers and agents use their positions to have sex with models.


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