High school students organized event with together with RealStars

Before Christmas a group of high school student from Söderporstgymnasie in Kristianstad collaborated with RealStars on an event about trafficking in their school. The event was designed and planned as a more relaxed event, where the audience would have the opportunity to ask questions. Sudenshna from RealStars came and talked about the organization and her experiences she has taken part in, and among other things, her work in India with victims of  trafficking.

The lectures were combined with live music, free coffee and many other stations that took up different aspects of trafficking. The different stations highlighted various essential issues such as the trafficking situation in Sweden, globally, as well as how we can change and counteract it. During the event participants were invited to sign RealStar’s petition ( https://realstars.eu/for-fair-sex/ ). The petition aims to spread the Swedish Sex Purchase Act in Europe, as it is an incredibly important instrument in the work against prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes.

During the event participants even got to take part in two short films, which the organizers had the opportunity to be actors in.

“We are extremely happy and proud that we got the opportunity to hold this event, we hope that many more will be inspired to take a stand on this important issue. The audience became very moved and we had very in depth conversations afterwards. Many do not know that this is happening in Sweden, which opened up their eyes and desire to make a different!”

                                                                                                             Cited from Emma Nylander, one of the organizers