Give the victim their own voice

Last week the play ”Att öva på våldtäkt” was hosted at Folkteatern’s Vita scen (“White Stage”).

The play is meant to give the victim their own voice, to be the thing that describes the assault and makes the perpetrator visible in a new way using its grants. The play will discuss and also problematize power structures and our relationship with our sexuality and gender roles. The play is inspired by Katrine Keilo’s book Våldtäkt och romantik (“Rape and Romance”). The director, Petra Adlerberth-Wik talks about the principal idea:

”We want to allege the perversion in what’s normal. We are constant victims of abuse; in literature, art and media-dramaturgy where it is clear who portrays who and who should be portrayed.”

”The classical dramas, and plenty of new material too for that matter – are filled with the romantic story in which it is very clear who has the active part and who has the passive one.” (GP 27/5 2013)

The play sheds light on Fair Sex, sex on equal terms from the courage of the victim who shares their story and thus sows the seeds of increased awareness and change. It also makes visible, examines and questions the destructive imagery and patterns we are met with all the time and which are commonly repeated when you want to live up to the way you think you should be.

It is necessary to point out how important it really is to get forums to reflect on and discuss this subject, in order to get at everything from what we consider normal to grey areas and actual assaults.

Many portraits in culture (like Petra talked about) and commercials as well as norms and attitudes stand risk of reducing  serious sexual assaults or sexism.  You have to become aware of the norms you have been fed in order to be able to question them, then change and act in different ways in your life.

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