Packed autumn for RealStars’ volunteers

The summer is slowly coming to an end, and the RealStars’ team is energized and excited for the activities of this autumn! This summer has been packed with important events, despite vacation months:

➡ RealStars’ Secretary General Malin Roux Johansson talked about her work and driving force in ETC.

➡ Realstars’ process leader Julia participated in an episode of the podcast #Travelhack to talk about what you can do as a private or business traveler if you come in contact with sex tourism or trafficking during a trip.

➡ In July, it was a year since the Consent Act came into force, and it was noted that the law has been applicable in cases of sex purchases and human trafficking.

➡ The police carried out a successful effort against sexual exploitation of children 

➡ The UN’s day against human trafficking was noticed on July 30th.

With this behind us, we take big steps into this autumn which is packed with important activities to give attention to the demand for sex purchasing and trafficking. We will raise the issue of Fair Sex in as many situations as we can. This autumn’s activities started on august 28 already, when we had a volunteer meet up in Gothenburg. On Wednesday, September 25th at 5.30 pm a volunteer meeting will be held in Stockholm at The Castle (Slottsbacken 8) and on Wednesday October 9th we will arrange another volunteer meeting in Gothenburg. It will be held at Södra Larmgatan 6 at 17.00-18.30. Send an email to if you are interested in the meetups or if you wish to join the Book Fair. The Book Fair will be held in Gothenburg by the end of September, and of course RealStars has a booth! As usual, we have a book-lottery and a Fair Sex- Quiz. Extra focus will be put on the fact that the Swedish Sex Purchase Act celebrates 20 years. Do you want to attend RealStars’ booth as a volunteer?

In October we will take a forceful approach in order to give attention to the EU’s anti-trafficking day, together with restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes in the Stockholm and Gothenburg area. Do you work in the hospitality industry and think that your place of work should take a stand against trafficking – for For Fair Sex? Please contact the volunteer-coordinator. Look out for our coming events on our Facebook. Do you wish to follow our work on other channels? You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin!