More students create for Realstars

Hello There,

I’m Joakim Eklund; senior Storyteller and also immensely proud board members of RealStars. The last 18 years I have worked with digital games for marketing, training, entertainment and social change.

The last 5 years at of which I’m one of the founders. In parallel to my daily work at Hello There I also teach and lecture about gamification and storytelling.

A while ago I taught storytelling to eager and creative ad students at Gothenburg Vocational University on Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Their education is called Advertisning & Marketing – two-year basic education based on lectures, workshops, and longer projects where the students get the opportunity to work creatively in teams with Art Directors, Copywriters and Project Leaders, just like in real life at an ad agency.

The syllabus incorporates the entire communication process – from research, benchmarking, analysis, and branding, positioning and communication strategy to idea, creation, pitching and practical implementation and planning of campaigns in various media. The teachers are all professional marketing people working at some of Gothenburg’s most well-respected ad and digital agencies. I’m happy to be one of the teachers that contribute to training tomorrow’s ad superstars.

During the storytelling course we went through both theoretical and practical sides of storytelling: storytelling is in essence how man has taught, informed and entertained for thousands of years. Stories are like junctions where facts and felling meet, which makes it possible for us humans to navigate in this world.

When the week ended I presented the students with a delicate challenge: to create storytelling-based commercials with the objective of making the audience want to sign the petition on Real Stars homepage. Just a few days later they showed their works – I was stunned. They had put their hearts and mind to it.

Curious? You can se the results here:

The names of the movies are:

Ditt livs investering




There is no excuse

Tjänster som tjänster


Trafficking is no game