Just like describes the film ”Everyday young girls are bought and sold”, it seems fitting to add ”over and over….and over…again” – that is the general plot of the movie.

A global, illegal operation where the lives of young women are treated as a piece of meat on the most horrific market you can imagine.

The movie shows sexual exploitation spanning across several continents into different countries, organizations and human fates. The three hour long film is a grim experience centered around the extreme demand and the growing supply of young girls and women and how these join together in a brutal reality filled with violence, abuse and indignity.

We never feel as close to the victim, like in Lukas Moodyssons ”Lilya 4-ever”, but we realize the scale and scope of it. We see the sexual slavery. What we today call Human Trafficking.

/Sari Vettenranta for RealStars