Fair sex vs. Real love

Fair Sex is a concept that is incredibly important to me. It is also important to me that it should appear that fair sex is different for everyone and that as long as you, yourself, are comfortable with your own definition nobody else could say that it is wrong. Now that I’m studying abroad, I meet people from different countries and cultures and they all have different definitions of what sex is and how you “should have sex”. During my three years in Scotland I’ve had endless discussions about sex and what I’ve learned the most, and seen as a pattern, is that Swedes have a very liberal approach to sex and how to have sex. Many of my friends, for example from the US and UK, think that we are too liberal and that you should not have sex with someone you are not in love with and that if you have sex just because you like sex then you’re slutty. What is interesting with this approach is that it refers to almost exclusively girls. Girls will be slutty but the guys are just guys. It feels old and prejudiced; just because you lack of “real love” doesn’t mean you can’t have fair sex, but it feels like it is not always that clear.

Life is not meant to be outlined by a specific way of looking at sex and love. We all have our own definition of both concepts and that must be accepted.

I am proud to be Swedish and over my liberal approach to sex. For me, its strength to know that many girls in Sweden knows their own value and can live out their sexuality. For me it is fair sex, being able to live out your sexuality, whether it is as straight, gay, no sex before marriage or a new partner every weekend. It is up to YOU how you want to have sex and no one else should be able to tell you that you are too slutty or too neat, as long as you are happy with yourself and how you have sex then its fair sex, and it is the only concept that is important.

Matilda Öhlin Knutsson for Real Stars

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