The Fair Sex campaign at the Museum of World Culture

Speaking of summer and holidays; most of us want to have a good time, relax and have a party☺ Speaking of summer. Sex of course has a place!… Fair Sex.

At the same time, human sex trade continues. Thousands of people, mostly young become victims of sexual exploitation this summer. The awareness that this exists around us, for instance at holiday resorts, gets a meaning if we act!

This is why we are very happy that the Fair Sex campaign and a Europe free from sex trafficking is now at the Museum of World Culture.

It is a ”mac station” where everyone can take a stand and sign their names, be there and influence when the manifesto is sent to the decision makers of EU on October 18th, the European day against human trade.
At the Museum of World Culture, the visitors can also read stories and thoughts of students at Angeredsgymnasiet in Gothenburg. The comments are about human trafficking and prostitution and it is the result of a collaboration with RealStars during spring. These are now also available on our blog. Thank you everyone!

Why is the campaign so important? EU has the highest amount of sex slaves per inhabitant. Trafficking and sex trade is increasing in many places.

It is of course positive to read in GP about how the Gothenburg police located a large trafficking ring based in Romania. It was apparently the largest of its kind in Sweden. It is now important that the work is completed and the victims get support. And that those who are guilty, the human traders and sex buyers take their responsibility. Then we can stop this from happening again.

Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to the campaign in different ways. Without And now for, Arkitektkopia, Brag Designhouse, Hey, it´s Enrico Pallazzo, Macforum and the Museum of World Culture we would never have got this far. Special thanks to Malin Skånberg and Erik Linn for making everything work.

Where do you want to see the campaign this summer? At a blog? A festival? Contact us…

Soon more info on cooperation with culture and museums.
Have a great summer everyone.