A letter to all who purchase sex!

Tanja, who has first-hand experience from prostitution, writes a direct letter to all who purchase sexual services.

It is personal, analytical and clear. She dispels all myths about there being any form of mutuality during a purchase of sexual services; a telling quote demonstrates the opposite: “When you came to me to reinforce your masculinity by examining whether or not you could make me come, you should know that I was faking so much that I deserve a gold medal.” Further, she emphasizes the fact that market demand and unequal structures is what causes the phenomena prostitution to exist in the first place. She really thinks that it is time for men in general, and men who purchase sexual services in particular, to change their perception of sexuality. Sex is not a commodity, but a human and existential experience. She finishes the letter with a solid call for change; “Let us scream that sex is not a commodity, but it may have great human costs if treated as one. Let us call out to the world that money and sex does not go together. Sex should take place under completely different – and mutual – circumstances.”

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